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      We wanted a place to share with you what happens to us

      To tell you what we do every day and listen to your comments... we want to "steal" your experience to grow together. Thus was born the Meson's blog. Welcome!

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    • Indoors Arredamenti in Ragusa

      Vai all'articolo09.03.2017
      In September 2001, Enosh and Luciano Digrazia inaugurated the Meson's sales point that we prese..
    • At the restaurant Da Vittorio you learn to cook with Meson's and Kitchen Aid

      Vai all'articolo02.03.2017
      Many of you, with a passion for haute cuisine, already will know the restaurant Da Vittorio, on..
    • Bonomelli Arredamenti in Trescore Balneario (BG)

      Vai all'articolo17.02.2017
      Bonomelli Arredamenti, the Meson's store opened in 1952 as a carpentry and recently renovated, ..
    • Fratelli Nero in Capodrise (CE)

      Vai all'articolo11.02.2017
      Angelo Nero and Teresa Piccolo await you by Fratelli Nero, the Meson's sales point of Capodrise..

      Vai all'articolo30.01.2017
      In the splendid setting of Costa Azzurra is located Agencement Cuisine, the Meson's sales point..

      Vai all'articolo19.01.2017
      From the collaboration between Nicola Mazzucco and the architect Alessio Marra, in December 201..
    • K_Goccia takes a holiday

      Vai all'articolo11.11.2016
      Here is K_Goccia in a perfectly adapted version to a professional context such as hospitality.T..
    • FRM Arredamenti in Pedace (CS)

      Vai all'articolo04.11.2016
      For almost forty years, FRM furniture is an important landmark in its territory for those who w..
    • Vai all'articolo04.11.2016
    • M_onoliti 2.0 at the Meson's showroom

      Vai all'articolo24.10.2016
      We have already mentioned about the arrival of M_onoliti 2.0, the latest innovation from Meson'..
    • New Catalogue M_onoliti 2.0

      Vai all'articolo19.10.2016
      M_onoliti continues its growth process by introducing new languages. The original project has b..
    • Cucine & Co. in Piacenza

      Vai all'articolo12.07.2016
      Cucine & Co., the Meson's sales point of Piacenza specialized in designing and selling kitc..
    • Falzone Arredi in Fabrica di Roma (VT)

      Vai all'articolo23.06.2016
      • Since 1990 Falzone Arredi is an important landmark in the province of Viterbo for all needs..
    • M_22 goes on stage: from an empty wall in a dream kitchen

      Vai all'articolo17.06.2016
      Sometimes, the step from an empty wall in a dream kitchen is really short: thanks to the collab..
    • The quality at the top: Meson’s obtains the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

      Vai all'articolo10.06.2016
      The attention and the care that we have always put in the creation of Meson's kitchens today is..
    • Silver Wedding for Meson's and Arredamenti Gaeta in Treglio

      Vai all'articolo31.05.2016
      It is a love story that has lasted for 25 years that between Meson's and Arredamenti Gaeta in T..
    • A renovated showroom for Sanvido Arreda in Turin

      Vai all'articolo24.05.2016
      By now you know it, but you may not know that Sanvido Arreda, the Meson's monobrand store in Tu..
    • Progettarti in Ravenna

      Vai all'articolo19.05.2016
      Open since 2001, Progettarti is a store that over time has developed a special identity, aiming..
    • Restyle in Olgiate Comasco

      Vai all'articolo18.05.2016
      A reference point for lovers of design and interior decoration, Restyle offers furniture and fu..
    • Corti & Co. opens in Ballabio (LC)

      Vai all'articolo17.05.2016
      After having spoken of the showroom of Corti & Co. in Vercurago, today we present the new s..

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            In creating our collections we pay attention to the details because we believe that "something well done" is not enough and that nothing is "secondary". We constantly test our products since the beginning (prototype phase) in order to give satisfaction to those who have chosen Meson's. We wish to ensure its performance in time because a Meson's kitchen is alive and living, but never gets old.

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