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      We wanted a place to share with you what happens to us

      To tell you what we do every day and listen to your comments... we want to "steal" your experience to grow together. Thus was born the Meson's blog. Welcome!

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    • Ravaioli Home&Decor in Forlì

      Vai all'articolo07.05.2015
      Stefano Ravaioli and Sabrina are waiting to help you select the furnishings and tapestries for ..
    • Vai all'articolo04.05.2015
    • M_22 Goccia arrives at Equilibri in Corso Sempione

      Vai all'articolo30.04.2015
      M_22 Goccia has arrived at our monobrand Equilibri in Milan!Columns in knotted oak and wood pan..
    • ArredaSicolo in Bitonto: a long family history

      Vai all'articolo22.04.2015
      In the heart of Bitonto, ArredaSicolo was born, one of Meson's oldest retail points that g..
    • Meson's by Progetto EASY

      Vai all'articolo13.04.2015
      After last week’s anticipation, the moment has arrived to pull back the curtains and reveal M..
    • B3 Arredamenti in Raffadali (AG)

      Vai all'articolo31.03.2015
      Opened in 1950 in a main street of Raffadali in the Agrigento province, with its eight window d..
    • A new project in the works: Meson's new monobrand opens in Biella

      Vai all'articolo26.03.2015
      In the Progetto Arredamenti showroom, situated in the historical center of Biella since the beg..
    • A Long Love Story

      Vai all'articolo23.03.2015
      At Meson's we like to think about the things that surround us, especially the furniture pieces ..
    • M_22 arrives at Ambienti Soluzioni d'Arredo

      Vai all'articolo18.03.2015
      We have already talked to you about our retail point in Lamezia Terme, Ambienti Soluzioni d'Arr..
    • Sola Mobili in San Benigno Canavese (TO)

      Vai all'articolo18.03.2015
      Brothers Paolo and Fulvio de Paoli manage the SOLA MOBILI showroom, opened in 1956 on the main ..
    • A new Meson's Store will open soon in Milan

      Vai all'articolo06.02.2015
      Good news have come together with the snowfall in Milan these days: a new space entirely dedica..
    • Ambienti Soluzioni d'Arredo in Lamezia Terme

      Vai all'articolo12.01.2015
      For over forty years Francesco Perri, today supported by Vincenzo and Antonella Perri, has been..
    • Vai all'articolo24.12.2014
    • M_22 continues its journey arriving at Ruatasio Home di Alba

      Vai all'articolo18.12.2014
      The M_22 Collection, newest arrival at Meson's, is arriving on display at various Meson’s ret..
    • 70m2...of style!

      Vai all'articolo16.12.2014
      70MQ is an extension of furniture company CADORIN that has been active in Revello (CN) since 18..
    • M_26 has been chosen for the Dwelling Home of Minneapolis

      Vai all'articolo06.11.2014
      The Dwelling Home, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a design-build concept home project th..
    • CONTENGO, an infinity of possibilities

      Vai all'articolo05.11.2014
      Along with the theory that a tidy kitchen must hide every function and compartamentalize itself..
    • Equilibri: the new Milan Meson's store blog is here!

      Vai all'articolo07.10.2014
      It's becoming a trend: every time that we open a new monobrand, a new blogger is born!After San..
    • The new HUB MAD051 by Sistema di Parma

      Vai all'articolo06.10.2014
      Saturday, October 11 inaugurates the first Hub MAD051 at one of our most loyal retailers, Siste..
    • Vai all'articolo26.09.2014
      New materials perfect for designM_22 uses FENIX NTMIn Meson's, as you know, we strive for produ..

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            In creating our collections we pay attention to the details because we believe that "something well done" is not enough and that nothing is "secondary". We constantly test our products since the beginning (prototype phase) in order to give satisfaction to those who have chosen Meson's. We wish to ensure its performance in time because a Meson's kitchen is alive and living, but never gets old.

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