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      We wanted a place to share with you what happens to us

      To tell you what we do every day and listen to your comments... we want to "steal" your experience to grow together. Thus was born the Meson's blog. Welcome!

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    • Arredo in Opera in Schio

      Vai all'articolo15.04.2014
      In Schio, in the Vicenza province, Paolo and Luigi de Franceschi manage Arredo in Opera, a spac..
    • A new Meson's flagship store opens in Milan

      Vai all'articolo07.04.2014
      A new Meson's store just opened in Milan: the Cassina family, already owner of the store Equili..
    • An air of home at Bussolino Arredo in Torino

      Vai all'articolo03.04.2014
      Today we present you the Bussolino Arredo showroom in Turin, which has welcomed four of the lat..
    • Meson's and Arredamenti Camilletti together for Expo Casa

      Vai all'articolo10.03.2014
      Expo Casa is an annual event in the world of interior design and remodeling that has been spotl..
    • Meson's and MAD051 join forces for CASAMAD

      Vai all'articolo25.02.2014
      There are some collaborations that set the mark and open the door to create something grand. Cr..
    • M_26 and M_Onoliti at Arredi&Dintorni in Valbrembo

      Vai all'articolo24.02.2014
      “Youthful” is surely the adjective that best describes this new retail point, the latest to..
    • What is Pisano doing in Cagliari?

      Vai all'articolo03.02.2014
      Don't be deceived by the name: the Pisano showroom is actually 100% Sardinian!It all began with..
    • Meson's showroom reinvents itself: a work in progress

      Vai all'articolo03.02.2014
      The work to give a new look to our showroom in Pordenone has begun. By the end of the month we ..
    • A completely feminine showroom: Nitti Arredamenti

      Vai all'articolo28.01.2014
      Today we want to tell you a story about a small family-run carpentry shop founded forty years a..
    • Progetto for M_Onoliti and M_26 at Biella

      Vai all'articolo21.01.2014
      Today we present to you "Progetto", a showroom that has been breathing decades of Biella’s hi..
    • Making mistakes is human, fixing them is Meson’s.

      Vai all'articolo27.11.2013
      Dear friends, today we want to bring you a case, straight from our desktops to the heart of our..
    • A Game of Spaces...for Meson’s

      Vai all'articolo11.11.2013
      In the historical neighborhood, Fuorigrotta, of Naples, home of numerous furniture and design s..
    • Crossing borders: a new air as M_Onoliti arrives in Trieste

      Vai all'articolo30.10.2013
      M_Onoliti arrives in the hometown of Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba and, as always, is offered a ..
    • Ah, l'amour... M_Onoliti meets to brides and grooms-to-be at Soncino

      Vai all'articolo17.10.2013
      Fabiano and Oscar Regazzi of the Ambienti showroom in Soncino (CR) have choosen Meson’s to pa..
    • Something to be proud of!

      Vai all'articolo04.10.2013
      A complete renovation of the exposition for Tacconi Arredamenti in Bonavigo (VR) featuring two ..
    • K_Goccia and a little imagination...

      Vai all'articolo03.10.2013
      This is a display dedicated to those who don’t ever want to say no to color, especially in th..
    • Contents and Details: a composition of your dreams

      Vai all'articolo02.10.2013
      A breath of fresh air arrives from Fanton Mobili in Nogara (VR): our amazing partner, Lara, wan..
    • A new look for Know House

      Vai all'articolo01.10.2013
      The showcase of Know House in Vasto (CH) is getting a new look: the eclectic owner, Paolo D'Ami..
    • Ventiviacairoli: design has a new home

      Vai all'articolo30.09.2013
      The city centre of Varese is sporting a new design with the newest showroom Ventiviacairoli Des..
    • The odd couple: M_Onoliti and M_26 Presa together in Faenza

      Vai all'articolo24.09.2013
      A new retail point in Emilia Romagna opens its doors to the latest Meson’s collections. The&n..

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