Materia, un telaio in alluminio vestito con un pannello sottile ed essenziale

La collezione Materia emoziona con una gamma di materiali come legno, gres e vetro e una palette di toni di grande eleganza che si esaltano in una cucina che unisce innovazione e sostenibilità. Nuovi particolari ne accrescono ulteriormente il potenziale progettuale. Tra questi la gola a incavo e il terminale a C dell’isola e la presa di apertura scolpita o push delle basi sospese.

Riga, a limitless system that defines interior architecture

Its minimalist style makes use of three door opening systems to express itself. A series of volumes divides various functional areas while ensuring overall continuity. Riga is here at last. As of now, the M2 system is enriched with new potential and an original aesthetic code.

Petra, connecting the past with the future

The oblique edge can be paired with a standard, wide or central grip recess. It’s a pleasure to play with the contrasting or tone-on-tone finishes of the door fronts and recesses. Petra lets you create a common denominator connecting base units, tall units and open compartments in timeless arrangements.

Slim, the foundation of a new design language

The aesthetic of this collection is based on a tall, narrow door in aluminium that extends beyond the height of the worktop and over the plinth, right down to the floor.
Pairing this feature with a sunken top – which limits and defines the work area – creates units with very clean and pure lines.

Trim, a project driven by technology and respect for the environment

Trim combines minimalism, lightness and perfect planarity with the ability to enhance the finishes of the new door in 12 mm thick aluminium thanks to the formal elegance typical of handle-less, channel systems featuring a top floating above the base unit carcass.

Goccia, a project travelling light through time

One of the most distinguishing traits of Meson’s style, the grip channel featured by Goccia creates an elegant, floating effect above the base units for the worktop. Its minimalism and clean lines give this project the ability to outlive trends while preserving the balance of its aesthetic.

Linea, as essential as a new classic

The Linea recess can be arranged both horizontally and vertically to allow for endless combinations. Additional options distinguishing interior aesthetics are made available by the possibility of choosing the recess in a lacquer colour, either contrasting or tone-on-tone, or in anodised aluminium.

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