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M2 Riga, a door edge recess embellishes the grip channel

In this arrangement, M2 Riga combines various opening methods to express its minimal design in an open space interior decor project. The star of the kitchen, the island, is composed of a series of volumes that divide the various functions while still connecting them. On the right, the Loto Ovale peninsula table steals the show with its wide base. The elegant, dark-coloured wall panelling behind it extends above the wall-hung base units in the sink area.

M2 Riga G, an aesthetic personality defined by the depth and colour of the grip channel

Balance and refinement are the common denominators of a kitchen that presents soft tones and volumes paired with exceptionally clean lines. On the central island, the recessed handles – which can either match fronts or contrast with them – stand out like graphic marks that don’t detract from the aesthetic linearity of the arrangement. The result is an inviting space that harmoniously blends the kitchen and living room areas.

M2 Riga M, distinguished by a single midway grip recess that opens doors and drawers

Wood, a soft beige shade and stone are the distinctive textures of an arrangement that perfectly balances contemporary details with more traditional ones. The architecture is defined by the tall units and the tall unit top elements. Paired with sliding doors, the latter divide two different areas of the kitchen.

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