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M2 is a simple acronym that identifies an extremely powerful and versatile kitchen furnishing system. With M2, the kitchen speaks of our aesthetic sensitivity on convivial occasions and indulges with comfort and functionality the moments dedicated to food preparation. The system includes six door variants that can be combined together in the same composition according to the design requirements.

M6 collects collections of strong personality and intrinsic value. An ideal container for projects created to be protagonists in important homes and constructive solutions capable of crossing fashions and trends. In each M6 model there are exclusive features such as extra thick doors and a particularly accurate study of details.

ME represents the forefront of the Meson’s offering in terms of research. The collections that are part of it are all united by a door with an aluminium structure and fronts made of glass and latest generation materials. The ME world also proposes an idea of home in which the kitchen can extend its identifying elements to other spaces of the house, becoming a key to define the internal architecture as a whole