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Fenix NTM®

This material combines refined aesthetic solutions with cutting-edge technological performance, obtained thanks to the use of new generation nanotechnologies and acrylic resins. Its surface has unique properties such as low light reflection thanks to its extreme opacity, pleasantness to the touch (soft touch) and the anti-fingerprint feature. The nano-particles of its surface offer a high resistance to scratches and abrasion, excellent resistance to stains thanks to the barrier effect and the thermal repairability of surface scratches.

Available for doors and worktops of the collections M2 Crea, Linea, Goccia, ME Slim, Trim


Bianco Kos


Grigio Efeso

Beige Arizona


Grigio Antrim


Verde Comodoro

Rosso Jaipur

Blu Fes

Grigio Bromo

Grigio Stromboli

Cacao Orinoco


Bianco Dover

Grigio Zante

Beige Colostrai

Giallo Evora

Verde Kitami

Blue Shaba

Rosso Namib

Zinco Doha

Titanio Doha

Application examples

Wall-hung tall units in Grigio Efeso Fenix NTM® finish

Worktop and base units in Nero Fenix NTM® finish

Base units, wall units and worktop in Verde Comodoro Fenix NTM® finish